29th February 2024

Pre Engineered / Built-up Roofing system

A roofing system constructed with the help of steel structural framing member like trusses, purlins & metal sheets. They are used in almost every industrial and airport terminal building and can also be used in residential and educational buildings. They make for an extremely light, strong, economical, and waterproof roof. Commonly used metals are mild steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. Steel roofing sheets need to be protected from corrosion, and are usually galvanized or coated with other protective layers. The sheets are quite thin, as much as 0.5mm in the case of steel, and 1mm in aluminum. They therefore require insulation and other layers to be incorporated.

SRW Rockwool

We offers a wide range of Flexible / Semi Rigid / Rigid Non-combustible Rockwool Insulation with excellent acoustic & Fire properties suitable for Roofing systems single skin / Double Skin, Standing seam. It’s very light weight, flexible and long lasting insulation to be used in the metal roofing ensuring fire safety and excellent acoustic properties, where rain and impact sound a major concern.

It’s Stable thermal performance irrespective of climate driven mean temperature, thermal performance remain stable and unmatched compare to other foam insulations.

SRW Rockwool Blankets / Batt / Board Insulation are manufactured in conformance to ASTM C 665, ASTM C 553 and ASTM C 612 and other various international standards.

Rockwool Benefits

  • Especially designed product for higher compressive strength requirement.
  • Excellent Fire Safety
  • Excellent Thermal Performance
  • Acoustically Effective
  • Non-Combustible
  • Fire Resistant
  • “zero” Flame Spread Index
  • “zero” smoke Developed Index
  • No Toxic smoke or Gases
  • Chemically inert

Technical Parameters




Compliance Standard

Thermal Conductivity


0.033 -0.037

ASTM C 177 / ASTM C 518



40 - 120

ASTM C 303



50 - 200


Compressive Strength


2 - 20

ASTM C 165

Surface Burning Characteristics

•Flame Spread Index
•Smoke Developed Index



ASTM E 84 / UL 723

Moisture Absorption



ASTM C 1104

Water Absorption



BS EN 1609


Note: Product are available in Blankets in Roll form, flexible Batt Insulation, Board Insulation. Please discuss with our technical team for more information and solution to your requirement.