29th February 2024

Building Insulation

Since the age of the Caves till date Buildings are important part of the humans providing shelter for living and with time the method of construction have changed with technological advancement and the shape and size of the buildings becomes a representation of the society. Expectations from a building has now shifted from only shelter to Safety, Security, Energy Efficiency and comfort for which Consultants and Architects are working hard to meet the sky limit expectations of their client.

Buildings are subjected to different climatic conditions like hot in summer and cold in winter as well rain which have adverse effect on the building structure and their strength as well causes uncomforted to the occupant by heat gain in hot climatic conditions and Heat loss in Cold climate. External walls and Roof of the Building contribute to the heat gain and loss to external ambient and it easily disturbs the psychometrics inside of the Building.

As of today when we are spending majority of our time in buildings either it is home, Office, Hospital, Hotel or any other Building, the scale to measure the level of comfort in a buildings focuses on Safety, Security, Energy Efficiency, acoustical comfort, indoor air Quality and Various other factors like Privacy etc. Insulation can Play a key role in any Building achieve above parameters directly or indirectly and can help reduces the effect of harsh climatic conditions to the building structure and maintaining the internal comfort for occupants of the building.

In building insulation we have different dimensions to be covered majorly referred as Thermal Insulation, Acoustic Insulation and Fire Insulation. To serve the purpose market is flooded with various types of Insulation materials and the material is chosen to perform one or several functions at once. Rockwool Insulation is most suitable to perform multiple functions like Thermal Efficiency, Acoustic Comfort and Fire Safety.

Thermal Comfort / Efficiency: is when human body expresses satisfaction to the surrounding environment and feel comfortable. This can be achieved by use of HVAC system to heat or cool the building and efficiently designed Insulation system to the building can help reduce unwanted heat gain and loss and reduces the energy demand of the heating and cooling system as helps HVAC system size reduction saving in capital expenditure.

Acoustic Comfort: Unwanted sounds from the external environment to the building can unrest the peace of mind so is called noise pollution. An insulation which is capable of absorbing the airborne sound and an impact sound helps reducing the sound entering the building and enhancing the acoustic comfort for building occupants.

Fire Safety: Risk of fire is always a major concern for the consultants and designers and with the increase in height of the building the risk of fire elevates drastically to the occupants of the building so special attention is given to the Fire safety measures of the building which includes active and passive fire protections provision. Non-combustible Rockwool Insulation is used as Passive fire protection insulation in various applications like Perimeter fire Barrier, fire joints, wall penetrations, cavity barrier etc. Rockwool being non-combustible and fire resilient insulation is ideal choice for use in building facades.

Sustainability and Durability are other two other dimensions of the Rockwool Insulation which provides additional benefits to the Building owner gaining LEED points. Rockwool Insulation products are manufactured from the abundantly available Natural inorganic volcanic Basalt Rock which is non- perishable raw material resource for Rockwool Insulation manufacturing and can be recycled after life of use in the building. Rockwool Insulation are durable and exhibit the life cycle of a rock and can have a life as long as a building if selected properly and installed in accordance to the guide lines of the Manufacturer.

We at Saudi Rockwool Factory Co. strive to provide best of the solution to cater the needs for Building Insulation be it internal, External or any other specific area of use. Rockwool Insulation can be used in a building for providing building envelope used external to the Building or internal wall partitions, floors and roof insulation be it concrete or Steel Structure building or a mix Purpose can be thermal, acoustic or Fire Safety. We would like to highlight the benefits of the Building insulation in following points.


  • Energy Efficient Buildings
  • Reduced Energy Consumption
  • Reduction in Electricity Bill
  • Increased life of Building structure
  • Enhanced comfort for the Occupants
  • Reduced Carbon Foot Prints
  • Enhanced Acoustic Comfort
  • Reduced Size of HVAC Equipment
  • Healthy Environment inside the building

Though the Building Insulation has several benefits associated but selection of right insulation Product, thickness of Insulation and density is crucial. Authorities in respective countries have set guidelines to use insulation & the extent of insulation can be decided in accordance with the U-Value specified for the external envelope of the Building. Strict compliance to the Building codes is essential to reduce the energy consumption of the building and save the Energy.

“Saved Energy is the Sustainable Energy”