20th April 2024


SRW Acoustic Panel is a semi rigid to rigid panel manufactured from Rock Wool Fibers and bonded with thermosetting binder to form panels of medium to high density. This panel is manufactured according to ASTM C-612 requirements.

It is classified into two types: Acoustic insulation panel & Acoustic absorption panel

Product Acoustic insulation panel Acoustic absorption panel
Description It is normally used with the wall/partition components to reduce the noise transmitted through the wall system It is used to reduce echo and modify reverberation time inside a room/space. It is normally applied/fixed on the wall surface to receive and absorb the incident sound waves and minimize its reflection, providing comfort to the listener and sound intelligibility. It can be faced with different decorative materials
Application It is used in the construction of commercial and residential buildings, schools, hospitals, hotels and office buildings etc. By installing it in wall cavities or partitions to improve and increase the acoustic insulation (Increase the sound transmission Class of the wall) between the adjacent rooms/partitions It is used in theaters, lecture rooms, conference rooms, banquet halls etc. (Special fabrics are used as facing material, available colors on request.)

Other Information:

Storage It must be stored in an area where it is protected from water exposure and physical damage
Maintenance Once Acoustic Panels properly installed they do not need any maintenance
  • Install the Acoustic panels side by side in wall cavities.
  • Use fasteners for installation of Acoustic panels when wall cavities are much thicker than insulation.
  • These panels are normally mounted on the wall surface by different methods depending on the finishing level required.
  • Excellent thermal insulation.
  • High sound absorbent.
  • Effective acoustic insulation.
  • Effective in stopping flame spreading.
  • No health hazard, asbestos free.
  • Chemically and biologically inert.
  • Environment friendly (CFC and HCFC free)
  • Easy handling and installation.
  • Water repellent.
Facing Acoustic Panel uses a non-woven fiber tissue (BFG) or woven fiberglass fabric as facing material
Packing These Panels are packed in PE Bags

Product Range:


Nominal Density


Sound Absorption Coefficient

Width (m)

Length (m)






60 - 100

25 - 100

0.70 - 1.0

Note: other sizes can be produced on special order.