18th May 2024


HD Board is a high density Rock Wool board insulation produced from molten basalt rocks spun to fine fibers and bonded with heat resistant binder. It meets the requirements of the technical standards ASTM C-612 & EN13162

Application It is specially designed for high thermal resistance application for cold and hot surfaces such as Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Storage Tanks, Ovens, Boilers, Chimney wall and Heated ducts.
Storage This must be stored in an area where it is protected against water and physical damage.
Maintenance Once HD Boards are properly installed they do not need any maintenance.
Installation HD Board is easy to handle and fix. This can be cut and shaped by using a sharp, bladed knife.
  • Excellent thermal resistance.
  • High sound absorption.
  • Non-corrosive
  • High compressive resistant.
  • No aging effect on thermal properties.
  • Non-combustible.
  • Highest fire rating
  • Water repellent fibers.
  • Asbestos free.
  • Chemically insert.
  • Easy handling and installation.
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Black fiber glass
  • Bitumen paper
Technical Properties
  • Thermal conductivity at 100 °C, 0.044 (w/m k)
  • Max. Use temperature 750 °C
  • PH 8-9
  • Flame spread index : <10
  • Euro fire classification : A1
Packing HD Board is packed in a polyethylene shrinkage bags.

Product Range:


Nominal Density


Width (m)

Length (m)





120 - 200

25 - 150

Note: Other sizes can be produced on special order.