18th May 2024


Wired Blankets are high density thermal and acoustic insulation produced from mineral rock fibers spun from molten basalt and stitched to 25 mm galvanized or stainless steel hexagonal wire mesh according to ASTM C-592 requirements.

  • It is made for use in heavy industrial applications where severe conditions of heat and vibration are involved.
  • It is used in the insulation of hot air ducts, furnaces, boiler tanks, chimneys, large diameter pipes, flanges and valves.
  • It provides the required thermal insulation coupled with fire safety and acoustic insulation.
Storage It must be stored indoors or under a waterproof cover to protect from water.
Maintenance Once Wired Blankets are properly installed they need no maintenance.
  • Handle blankets with care to avoid falling of wool and untie of stitching wires
  • Unroll the blanket on flat clean surface prior to cutting.
  • Cut and trim insulation neatly, use the guillotine cutter (scissor type) to cut the wire mesh, then use a sharp knife to cut the Rock Wool to the required size, maintain blanket in a horizontal position while cutting.
  • The cut piece should be properly handled and applied to the intended surface.
  • For vertical applications install the blanket lengthwise
  • Provide mechanical fasteners, wire mesh, or other accessories to ensure insulation remains in a specified position.
  • Fit insulation tight within spaces and tight to exterior side of equipment, mechanical and electrical services within the plane of insulation leaving no gaps or voids.
  • The adjacent blanket to be secured by lacing the mesh edges tightly together using 1 mm diameter galvanized soft iron wire at 100 mm centers.
  • Insulation over large surface areas to be further supported with galvanized steel bands at centers determined by the size and shape of the pant.
  • Blankets exposed to the weather or to possible mechanical impact to be protected using galvanized mild steel sheet. Joints to be overlapped by 40 mm (min) and secured using blind rivets or screws at 100 mm (max) centers.
  • Wired mat to be attached to equipment by 3-4 mm (nom) diameter welded steel pins and 40 mm steel washers.
  • Welded pins to be positioned at a suitable distance according to insulation thickness and density.
  • Apply insulation on dry clean surfaces.
  • Excellent thermal insulation and acoustic insulation.
  • Withstand severe vibration.
  • Fire safe material.
  • Physical and chemical property does not change with time.
  • No health hazard, asbestos free.
  • Environment friendly (CFC and HCFC free)
  • Does not encourage the growth of fungi, molds or bacteria.
  • Water repellent.
  • Easy to cut, handle and install.
  • Suitable for use with austenitic steel surface.
Facing Wired Blanket are produced with a 25 mm (1 inch) opening galvanized hexagonal wire mesh F = 0.7 mm on one side, can be produced upon special order with facing on both sides. Other wire mesh types are available on special order such as:
  • Stainless steel wire mesh F = 0.7 mm
  • Galvanized steel wire mesh F = 0.9 mm
Technical Properties
  • Thermal conductivity (0.036 - 0.038) w/mK @ 24 ºC. Max. used temperature 750 ºC.
  • Shoot content <25%
  • Non-combustible
  • PH 7-8
  • Flame spread index <10
  • Smoke developed <5
  • Water vapor absorption <1% by weight
  • Melting point 1150 ºC
  • Euro fire classification: A1
Packing It is packed in polyethylene bags.

Nominal Density


Width (m)

Length (m)



0.6 , 1.2

4 - 6

80 - 150

25 - 120

Note: other sizes can be produced on special order.